What Membership Involves:

  • Barbershop Harmony Society membership
    1. Apply on-line at members.barbershop.org/index.php
    2. Select JOIN NOW and fill in requested information
    3. Pay membership fees
    4. Chapter Secretary has up-to-date information on fees
  • Regular attendance at rehearsals and performances
  • Learn music and lyrics on your own and with assistance at rehearsals
  • Use and maintain sheet music and music booklets in assigned music folder
  • Learn Polecats on your own - these are 12 Songs everyone in the Society should know
  • Etiquette
    1. Give Chorus Director your full attention
    2. Practice your own part silently when the Director is rehearsing another part
    3. Give full attention to chapter quartets singing at rehearsal
  • Performances
    1. Programs usually for regional audiences
    2. Most are paid performances
    3. Agreeing at a rehearsal to sing for a performance is a firm commitment
  • Recruiting new members to join the chapter
  • Selling tickets for chapter shows and concerts
  • Learning Aids
    1. ecordings of music parts and/or voice parts on chapter Members Only website
    2. Recordings of chorus music you make at rehearsals to help your learning
    3. Everyone should work to improve one’s singing and performance skills
    4. Try to learn a new voice part periodically
  • Participate in chapter social functions such as the Corn Boil and the Sweetheart Party
  • Volunteer for a chapter job to learn how the chapter operates
  • Old FVH Logo