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Tribute To The Clef Hangers Quartet

About 1980, four members of the Elgin Barbershop Chorus, The Fox Valley Harmonizers, started meeting informally to have some fun singing as a quartet. Because two of the original members lived in Huntley, the group's name started out as "The Huntley and Wrinkly Quartet". Eventually, they got brave enough to sing in public. Shortly thereafter, some of the wives objected to some of the connotations of the quartet's name, and the great and lengthy discussion resulted in the current name, "The Clef Hangers"

The Clef Hangers entertained thousands of folks at a variety of events, such as, Marengo Settler's Day, Kwanis, Churches, Picnics, Birthday and Anniversary Parties, Senior Centers, Wedding Receptions, McHenry Historical Museum, and numerous other functions.


Members of the Quartet:

John Jeide: Tenor

John lived in St.Charles IL, until his passing in 2022, and was a retired computer expert. John remembered singing " Jesus Loves Me" in Sunday School as his first learned song. He started formal singing in an adult choir at age ten and then sang in a gospel quartet in his teens (this quartet had a reunion for a special occasion many years ago at St. John's UCC Church in Buckskin, Indiana, his home town in southern Indiana). John sang and recorded with the US Naval Choir at Treasure Island, FL while attending Electronic School in 1956. He joined the Elgin Barbershop Chapter some 46 years ago then joined the "Clef Hangers" in 1996. For many years John helped choral teachers at Huntley High School teaching boys how to sing barbershop.

Jim Schotz: Lead

Once upon a time there was a boy who loved to sing and he walked and sang in the forest all day long. OK, so Jim is a librarian formerly of McHenry IL where he was the Executive Director of the McHenry Public Library. He moved to McHenry from Yankton, SD in 2006. Jim has been singing from an early age, being involved in church and high school choirs and swing groups as well as holding advanced degrees in music and being a cast member in various musical theater and opera groups. He has sung with barbershop choruses and quartets in Rockford, Northbrook, Yanton and Sioux Falls, SD. He sings both Lead and Tenor. He currently lives in Sioux Falls, SD near his family.

Al Boeldt: Bass

Al lived most of his life in McHenry, IL before passing in 2020. He was a retired school teacher/administrator. Al started his musical vocation with a couple of failed attempts at piano lessons in grade school. He played the clarinet from 7th grade through High School. He Sang in Marengo Lutheran Church choir 1949 to 1952 and returned to church choir singing in 1956 and contiuned through the rest of his life. Al was introduced to barbershop singing in 1982 and started singing bass with the "Clef Hangers" in 1995.

Bill Dysart: Baritone

Bill lived in Crystal Lake, IL until his passing in 2021 and was a retired mechanical engineer. Bill started singing as a boy Soprano in the Episcopal Church in Dixon. IL. When puberty hit they asked him to sing with the mens group and he was insulted and quit. Next experience was with the "Pure Oil Men's Glee Club" singing Bass. Then he sang Bass in "The Firebird Four" quartet. He joined the Elgin Barbershop Chorus in 1960. Competed in a novice quartet "The Crystal Chanticleers". He also sang with the "Northern Illinois Choral Association". Also sang with the "Free Spirit of Seventy Six" a mixed chorus at Union Oil. He was a founding member of the "Huntley and Wrinkly Four" which morphed into the "Clef Hangers" where he switched to Baritone. Bill loved to write parodies for the "Clef Hangers" to perform. They could deliver comedy songs like "Bill Grogan's Goat" with a flourish.

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